Construction Industry

If you’re working within the construction industry, you should know about the CIS scheme. If you don’t, then you may have some problems!

We can administer the scheme, from the verification of your sub-contractors, to issuing the tax deduction certificates and filing your monthly returns, even down to advising what you need to pay HMRC.

The main challenge you will face is:

  1. To decide when and if a sub contractor becomes an employee
  2. What to do about it
  3. Identifying the extra costs involved
  4. How to protect yourself against HMRC asserting that the sub-contractor is an employee and asking you, retrospectively, for all the PAYE you should have deducted.

Food for thought!

So, make sure you get it right from day one. Contact us today to arrange a free 1 hour consultation to see what we can offer. Feel free to browse our services to discover how we can help in other areas, so you can come armed with a full list of questions.

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