Film Industry Technicians

In 1994, Peter Lawson & Co was born primarily as a result of the issues surrounding whether technicians within the Film & TV industry should be classed as employed or self employed.

Where the engagements were of a short term nature, i.e. ‘daily’s’ working on a film or commercial, we challenged HMRC’s assertion that such technicians were employed, and were instrumental in obtaining ‘Schedule D’ status for a number of technicians.

The Hall v. Lorimer tax case clarified the issues for both HMRC and the industry itself and, since then, the cases tend to be less contentious. However, cases still arise today which do not easily fit the parameters and still need to be argued on an individual basis.

If you work within the film industry, then contact us today to arrange a free 1 hour consultation to see what we can offer. Feel free to browse our services to discover how we can help in other areas, so you can come armed with a full list of questions.

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